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Christmas seems like such a long time ago now, but I’m really excited that I can finally show you an equine photoshoot that took place last Autumn to produce an extra special Christmas present.

I met Michelle last September to photograph a fine art shoot with her horse Nell. Michelle shares Nell with her owner and wanted to create an extra special present for her for Christmas.

We met one beautifully sunny (and a tad windy) Sunday morning at her yard in Hertfordshire. After getting to know Nell and introducing her to the camera and lighting set up we got to work.

At this point it reminds me to talk about the lighting equipment and horses. For the most part, interestingly, considering leaves twitching in the bushes can be on the same level of scary as dragons and sink holes, the majority of horses are OK with flashes, booms and reflectors. There are the odd head nods at the recharge sound, but after a couple of shots they tend to settle. I always give each horse time to settle around the equipment before we progress on, most owners are very surprised that they settle quickly around the flashes.  With over 25 years around horses you’re in good hands when it comes to mixing the camera with your four legged friend.

Nell was a little super star, even when the flashes took a tumble in the wind, in fact she didn’t even bat an eyelid, such a pro pony!

Check out her fine art equine shoot in the video below.

Want to find out more about our fine art equine photoshoots? Check out our portfolio film here or give the studio a call to discuss what we can offer you. You can also check out behind the scenes on an horse photoshoot on the blog here.

Kristina | Horse Photographer 

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