Supporting Small Business Saturday

It’s the second of December and officially the countdown to Christmas is on! It is also Small Business Saturday and what better way to support local small businesses than to head out and start ticking those names off your Christmas list!

To get you started I’ve chosen some of my favourite small businesses based here in St Albans and show you what they have to offer. There are so many fabulous small businesses to choose from in the town but these are my all times favourites with a few “outside the box” gift options for those more difficult to buy for (no names mentioned but usually the males) of the family!

Tommy & Lottie

First up, one for the little ones or mums to be on your Christmas list and you don’t even have to leave the house to support this small business.

I absolutely love this capsule clothing range from Tommy & Lottie, their bright bold prints and gorgeously soft certified cotton get the thumbs up from me and my little girl. She loves the animal motifs (currently sporting the fox) and it gets so many compliments from the nursery staff to the post man. If the cute woodland animals weren’t enough of an incentive (who can resist a toddler in a fox top), this brand is also on a mission to shift how we address textile waste and it’s impact on the environment. Their capsule range is unisex and non seasonal, so can be worn at any time of the year and be easily passed down to another sibling or baby after use, helping towards reducing textile waste and the overall impact on the environment. Triple whammy, they also produce the garments in an ethical and sustainable way, they are just an all round superstar company in my opinion.

The capsule range features, short and long sleeved tops, harem pants and super cute gifts sets. The Woodland animals tee & harem set with a choice of long or short sleeves start at £27.00 and they come already wrapped (excellent for the likes of me who is notoriously bad at wrapping) along with a free matching postcard that can include you own personal message. They also have the animals available as prints so you can spread the woodland joy around your home all through the year, these are available framed or unframed and start at £8.00 (unframed) £15.00 (framed) with FREE UK delivery.

Head over to their online shop now and take a look for yourself.

HEDGEHOG BRIGHTtommy & lottie fox & harem (2)


The Pudding Stop

OK, stay with me on this one, for those of you that know me you’re probably thinking i’m including this just because I have a Butterscotch Blondie problem… I do! However, if you have someone in the family with an insanely sweet tooth, or a friend with a brownie addiction then The Pudding Stop needs to be on your shopping list! They do mail order Brownies (starting at £19.50)! OK so i’m not suggesting you buy your family a tray of Brownies for Christmas, although if you want to that is cool too, but an option less likely to get delayed by the Christmas post is to give the gift of vouchers. Yes vouchers for pudding! Think about it, guilt free scoffing, it’s like my idea of heaven! Pudding Stop vouchers also make the perfect handy stocking filler for the commuter in your life too and if you’re savvy about how much you gift, they might even pick you up a pudding from the pud-mobile on the way home from the station too! And if you have a budding baker on your list, Johnny also has his Puddings cookbook (£20) out with over 100 classic pudding recipes to try out, probably best not to start a diet in January as you’ll want to test out all the new recipes!

You can head online and shop for gift vouchers (and mail order Brownies) or swing by the shop and get a little sweet treat whilst you’re at it as a reward for ticking another name off the Christmas list.


The Dressing Room

Now this one really is one to tick a lot of names off the list. The Dressing Room is an independent fashion retailer with a fabulous range of collections. Whether you are looking for a piece of jewellery, accessory or clothing, this boutique shop has a touch of luxury added to every item. I love shopping in here on special occasions (usually a little birthday blow out) but it also holds a special milestone place in my heart as I spent my first proper pay day cheque as a self-employed small business owner here treating myself to a gorgeous Olivia Burton Bumble Bee watch (£135). I won’t forget that purchase as it was a big deal as a small business owner to finally reward the hard work it had taken to get the business off the ground.

You really do have to go and see for yourself the awesome range of collections they hold in the Dressing Room, and experience the personal customer experience they offer (you’re always made to feel special when visiting the Dressing Room). You won’t be disappointed and I can guarantee you’ll be able to tick nearly all the women off your Christmas list with this one fabulous shop.


Raindrops on Roses

Another gorgeous independent located on the High Street, Raindrops on Roses, is an Aladdin’s cave of gift items and my now go to when shopping for any occasion. They really do have something for everyone in there, even catering for kids with their beautifully knitted soft toys to cute little baby-cino cups (I can’t wait for my little girl to get beyond the beaker and upgrade to this!) It stocks a great selection of local designer’s work too from of wall art, greetings cards and giftware from the likes of Jen Roffe and Hannah Sessions. I can pretty much guarantee that between the quirky relishes, embellished throw cushions, local themed wall art and cute kids toys you’ll be ticking off multiple names in serious style and to make all that spending guilt free, 100% of the profits go to combat cancer.



So there you have it, my favourite places to shop this Christmas and at the same time support Small Business Saturday (and every other day of the week.) Let me know if you have any small business gems you love and will be using to tick off those names on the Christmas Shopping list this year.

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