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Personal branding, two words you probably see quite frequently if, like me, and many other professionals you have spent time  researching how best to build your business and personal profile.

You’ve spent time crafting exceptional content for your business website, composed an engaging LinkedIn profile and jumped on the social media band wagon but, have you thought about how you look to those prospective business connections, employers and customers?

Showing the face behind the brand can transform a cold connection into a warm, lucrative business connection!

How do you achieve this?

Professional, open and approachable looking headshots.

Whether you are business owner, recruitment consultant or prospective employee, the first step to raising your profile and getting noticed is by in investing in a professional headshot photographs. Check out some examples here.

As professional portrait photographers, we (St. Albans Photography) have various headshot photoshoot packages to suit most requirements. Our basic package (priced at £49.95) includes three digitally optimised  images and a 45 minute photoshoot with varying studio backgrounds. We also offer headshot shoots on-site at your place of work, incorporating the surrounds of your business or at a location that reflects you and your personality. Alternatively if you work in the city, why not take advantage of the fabulous London cityscape and have your team headshots photographed in various locations around the city?

Whether you are a sole trader or a city trader we can tailor our headshot packages to suit one to one hundred (and more) team members. Get in touch and our team of St. Albans based photographers will sort out the rest.

Don’t get left behind, raise your personal profile and find out how your headshot photograph can have a huge impact on potential employers and businesses connections here!

Kristina – St. Albans Photography

Headshot and Portrait Photographer

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