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My job provides me with some wonderful opportunities to meet amazing people and last week was no exception! With up coming author, Michele Kaye and my fantastic colleague and make-up artist Sarah-Helen from Restyle Magic we had an absolute ball in the studio photographing Michele’s portfolio for her upcoming book launch.

Eat Dance Shine is due to be released on March 2016 by Filament Publishing,  and Michele says “Reading Eat Dance Shine may change your life…and enable you to nourish and energise your body and mind so that you can flourish.” 

Michele believes we can heal and stay healthy well into our later years without swelling joints, high blood pressure and high cholesterol by focusing on good Nutrition, Exercise and Happiness.
The photoshoot was particularly good fun, with Michele’s enigmatic presence, a little music and some bubbles (non alcoholic of course) we had a great time dancing, shooting and laughing. It really didn’t feel much like work for a Monday morning!

The brief for this shoot was to produce a portfolio of images to be used for all sorts of PR in the coming weeks to the book launch so I lept into action shooting the “standard” headshots first. Now I say standard, and this sounds a terribly dull description but everyone needs a great photo just of their face to use on things like LinkedIn, after all anything else simply just wouldn’t represent the face behind the name. Read more about that here.


We then had some fun, turned up the music and got dancing, it’s what Michele does and what people should see her doing, so whilst she danced I snapped.

We then got a bit creative and introduced some fruit and veg, as this is also a big part of Michele’s ethos we wanted to make sure this was conveyed in the photographs too. It gave us the chance to get really creative and show off what we do best.

Michele Kaye’s new book ‘Eat, Dance, Shine – How to come alive, gain energy and push back the years’ is published by Filament Publishing in March 2016.


Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for updates on the book launch and details on how to get your hands on a copy.

If you are looking to produce a portfolio for a book launch, perhaps create a stock of images to be used in your marketing materials or update your LinkedIn headshot get in touch now as I’d love to chat to you.

Kristina | Photographer, St Albans Photography

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