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How to Coordinate Your Family’s Outfits For Your Upcoming Photoshoot

Getting dressed in the morning can be a challenge at the best of times, faced with a sea of colours and fabrics, guessing what the weather will be like, because lets face it, we can’t trust the weather forecasts if this Summer is anything to go by! Add a few kids, the grandparents and siblings to the mix and suddenly coordinating your family’s wardrobes ready for that photoshoot you’ve had booked for months seems a very daunting prospect.

Well… I have good news for you! With a small obsession for Pinterest and a passion for making life a little easier, I have created a handy go to resource especially for you. Taking the sting out of outfit planning and suggesting great colour combinations that will work throughout the year and at any location, there is no longer any need to panic about coordinating outfits.

Gone are the days of family photoshoots where by everyone turns up in jeans and a white shirt! Although in the right setting some families can actually pull this smart coordinated look off, but if this isn’t your usual attire a more subtle approach will provide a timeless look to the images you’ll be mounting on your wall for a very long time.

Coordinating your family’s outfits doesn’t have to be a daunting task, with a little forward planning and a rifle through everyone’s wardrobes at least a week before your family photoshoot you’ll soon have the perfect ensemble.

Get inspired and check out the colour combinations that work via our Pinterest board below, and don’t forget we’re here to make the whole experience of your family photoshoot an enjoyable one, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want any help in deciding what to wear.



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